DIGIUM DPMA Pressence messed up since upgrade

We upgraded due to the attack that was happening the other day, and it appears if your DIGIUM d70 or D40 phone is in a DND status and you lose network connection, then you can not get the phone out of an unavailable status even though the phone functions as normal minus BLF and display.

I tried restarting the phone/ restoring factory defaults, etc it’s with the DPMA module.

Restarted asterisk and amportal

USED THE CLI command

presencestate change 15007 available

Which gives me this error:
The presencestate command can only be used to set ‘CustomPresence:’ presence state!
Command ‘presencestate change 15007 available’ failed.

Any ideas the phone works can receive calls, etc but the BLF on the other d70’s all show it is unavailble, and you can not set it from the STATUS button.


Workaround - not perfect, but was able to fix on 1 of the phones doing the following:

  1. Opened the res_digium_phones_devices.conf
  2. Removed all application=status* lines except for available from that extension.
  3. restarted phone
  4. Opened statuses and only available was an option, but I had her press DND, which nothing happened then had her press and try to set avaiable.
  5. Had her restart the phone again (unavailable was not gone and phone was available.)
    6.put all statuses back, restored to factory defaults so it redownloaded status apps
  6. after restart and regrabbing the configuration it worked.

If your extension is number 114, you would do:

presencestate change CustomPresence:114 AVAILABLE


presencestate change CustomPresence:114 XA

The possible values for the state are:

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Haven’t tried to set custom presence, but skeptical if this will work due to the phone is unresponsive with any status change. The only workaround to get the phone to be responsive was the steps I mentioned, but I will try your way tomorrow and post results.