Digium D80 - EPM - No Unassigned Extensions

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You dont need a password if I recall…you need to hit the special firmware update page only url…not the web gui admin login…

Also…to do this…you need to make sure your phone is 100% off your Freepbx subnet…just a switch and laptop/pc works…then default your phone…then access the firmware update page, upload the latest firmware…wait for it to complete…then plug it into your freepbx subnet and EPM works as it should

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Looking back at my notes yes 789 works…but ONLY if I defaulted the phone off my VOIP subnet…the phone cannot access the Freepbx. If it can find your Freepbx it pulls the password from freepbx and you can never login


Right now my phone is at my house. I’m using VPN to get back to the PBX so thats another wrinkle in the setup but like i said it should upgrade via EPM.

This conversation is how many months after you worked with Sangoma on the D80

Where are you on using it?

I’ve talked to Mike White and Ted Moss trying to have them advocate for me that the D80 could be a winner in FreePBX for the phone market were the S705 is severely lacking. Users look at the S705 compared to their old T48G and they are disappointed.

I’m happy that VPN is stable but apparently they do not like the small untouchable screen that the S705 offers.

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It Will NOT upgrade or work properly with EPM until you update the firmware manually per my testing and troubleshooting and final resolution with Support.