Digium D65 firmware up to date, thinks it needs newer, fails

I have two Digium D65 phones.

Recently updated my freepbx appliance to FreePBX 16.

These two phones are now having firmware update problems.

Phones think they need an update even though I manually updated them both to the latest.

I have tried using the custom firmware functionality to stop it from trying to update, putting the latest 2.9.17 firmware in slot one as custom, because the one built in to Commercial EPM (same version) doesn’t work. Actually no version built in to C-EPM works for just these two phones works.

I provision some of the other phones with option 66 and tftp. Wiki says no tftp for these phones, so I setup DPMA etc. like the wiki says.

It looks like they think they need to update, try to DL from the FreePBX which fails, then try to DL from a public firmware repository which also fails at 0%

Maybe they are trying to pull from old digium domain instead of new sangoma?

I am fine manually updating just these two phones as needed, is there any way to just tell C-EPM “I’ll handle firmware on these two manually”?

Is there still a Digium phone config module in freePBX 16? If yes, maybe the Digium phone config module has set the firmware to a different version.

There is not. The final version to support the Digium Phone module is 15.

My daily driver is a D65. I assume you’re not uploading individual firmware files to use are you? There really should not be a need to deviate from the recommended version in EPM, it may lag the latest release by a version but unless there is a specific bug you’re trying to avoid, I would just stay with the recommended.

I tried it with the EPM included firmware first, then updated to the latest .eff manually when it kept hanging on updating firmware.

This appears to be some kind of download server configuration problem on my box. I use TFTP for the other firmware and option 66 for provisioning the other phones.

Maybe something to do with the firmware directory used for DPMA phones, which I think is different than the directory used for phones that use TFTP…

DPMA is working because it connects and provisions, etc. just at next boot the phone thinks it needs to update firmware for some reason and that fails.

What firmware are you using in your 2 slots?

I used to have that module, this system was upgraded from FreePBX 15… I wonder if an old remnant was left around…?

I return to work this morning to find that one of the two phones is happy and the other is still stuck in the firmware loop… I have no idea what changed on the one that is working, other than a “shutdown -r now” was my last action on the server before I left for the day… It is strange because I reset both phones to factory defaults and was having the exact same results on both phones yesterday.

Should one hold the ice pick in the dominant hand to gouge ones eyes out, or maybe should I use my dominant hand to hold on to something for support?

If anyone else has my exact problem after updating from FBX15 to FPBX16:

I was able to solve this by taking the following steps: putting most recent EPM firmware (1.40 as of today) in slot 2 and forcing slot 2, “fwconsole chown” multiple times, 2 factory resets on the phones (unsure why one didn’t get it).

I don’t know what is wrong with slot 1, asterisk owns the folder and permissions appear to be correct. I will wait until another firmware newer than 1.40 arrives and try to put it in slot 1 and test.

I don’t know which of these fixed or if it was something else, and I don’t care :).

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