Digium D65 Dialing Problem

Has anyone had issues with new color Digium phone models and FreePBX? We are a Digium phone hardware shop with dozens of older D40, D50, and D70 phones - and are testing a new D65. We are on the latest release revisions of the 13 line, including DPMA (3.2) and firmware The D65 will not dial through our PBX. When we enter a number (extensions, outbound, feature codes, etc.) and hit dial, the phone pauses and eventually times out with a “Failed” message. No connection is made with the PBX for the attempted call. All other features (phone registration, inbound calls (which sound great), BLFs, etc.) work perfectly. A D50 set put in place with the same extension programming (albeit the correct firmware for the D50) does not experience this issue.

Any thoughts as to what I can look for to correct this would be appreciated.

You mean no INVITE is sent from the phone, at all?

You should probably run this down with Digium’s Support team - www.digium.com/support