Digium D60 BLF without provisioning

How can I add a BLF to D60 without usng provisioning, DPMA ecc… ??

I.e. for controlling Call Flow , In Cisco Linksys I add fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=*[email protected]<pbx_address>
on Yealink just set button as BLF with *280 extension

In D60 , via web configurator or phone menu itself ??


As far as I know, you can’t because the BLF keys require an XML template for the layout.

Smart BLF - Digium’s Asterisk products - Asterisk Project Wiki

Correct. The web UI does not configure keys nor is it possible from the phone’s menu UI.
I’ve started moving and keeping wiki content for Sangoma’s D-Series phones from that older wiki to this wiki:

I mean the second unused line key (web configurable )
Same issue ?

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