Digium D50 Transfer Question/issue

We have come across if you press transfer then blf key of ext and transfer again too quickly the audio ends up getting patched through to the transferring phone when the call connects. if you do the same procedure but don’t press transfer the second time until you hear ringing the call transfers without issue. We are using Asterisk 11.10.2 on Freepbx Distro 5.211.65-14. Seems to only be an issue when using digium phones. Any help or info is greatly appreciated… Thank you.

This would be a bug in Digium phones not in anything FreePBX can control

Paging @malcolmd any thoughts?

That’s yuck.

Please open a ticket with Digium’s Support department via www.digium.com/support

Thank you for the info… I have already opened a ticket with digium… just thought i would post in here to see if anyone had any suggestions or experienced the same thing…