Digium acquisition - provisioning for A-series phones?

Good afternoon, all. Looking to test out some new endpoints, as we’ve had nonstop issues with Grandstream over the past couple years, and we really liked the Digium A-series endpoints. Was kinda surprised to see that EPM doesn’t support their provisioning file creation.

With the Sangoma acquisition of Digium, are there plans to add A-series endpoint support to the EPM (I sure would hope so). Sorry, but didn’t really like the Sangoma endpoints (looks like a re-branded Yealink and I found them boxy/ugly), but the Digium A-series appear to be sleek/refined (I also can’t stand silver on a phone). :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I’d have to program these puppies by hand.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

They are not supported by the EPM and there are no plans for it. They aren’t even supported in Digium’s own SwitchVox platform, which can provision D-Series. Same as the EPM.

The A-Series was/is a low cost option to those phones, as such some things are lost.

So here’s what confuses me about that - from what I can tell, the phone is fully capable of downloading it’s config from somewhere (even seems to get the config string from DHCP-66), so if that’s the case, I’m not seeing WHY it couldn’t be supported for remote provisioning support.

I thought the D-series phones used some other/proprietary method of provisioning (maybe I saw the 4-letter acronym somewhere, starts with a D), but the A-series seem to support file-based provisioning just fine.

Sangoma, you guys own Digium now - better get cracking on changing that. Of all the phones, the A-series are the ones that seem to have the most flexibility and are the most stylish (the D-series are close on style, but the single row of buttons makes it virtually impossible to navigate so many buttons across multiple pages). Granted, I do also wish an Extension Module (side car) existed in the same style as the buttons on the A25.

Can anyone else confirm this? No intention of ever supporting the A-series through EPM? If so, we’ll send these two test units back and not even bother to test, because ANY phone needing completely manual configuration is relatively pointless with a phone system.

And, of course, imagine my surprise to discover when our Fanvil eval units came in, that THAT is the company that actually made the A-series… Same icons, same web interface, even the same firmware file format (.z). What a surprise…


IIRC, the Fanvil phones are supported in the Open Source Extension Manager. Low-cost phone, low-cost extension manager. Seems like kizmit.

Oooooooo… But, how often is the profile kept up to date for new config values… :wink:

Of course, as a side note, you’ve just proven my theory - that the A-series phones are more than capable of being provisioned by a file… :wink:

I know it’s not what you want to hear but this happened to someone else the other week. As it was pointed out by Sangoma members here, all the Sangoma documentation says these phones are not supported by the EPM or even the DPMA (which is Digum’s phone manager). That is just how it is. There was no “This is going to be coming soon” or “We have plans for this” put out there so I don’t think that has changed. Like I pointed out in my original reply, not even the phone maker made these phones supported in their own phone management system.

Unfortunately you are left with limited options. 1) Manual program them. 2) Figure out how to export their config and create one yourself. They do have a “Provisioning Rule/Server” option right? 3) Send them back and get other phones.

If you’re relying on the Commercial EPM then you should looked at https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/EPM-Supported+Devices to make sure any devices you get in the future are supported by the EPM.

I looked at that - we were evaluating on several criteria, not just EPM. My point is, I’m just surprised since the phones are physically capable of handling it - it’s a shame too, because the A-series seem to be a nicer phone than the Sangoma ones, which I had thought were manufactured by Yealink, but apparently not (but I hate silver on a phone - so 1970s). :slight_smile:

Too bad the Sangoma phones are not re-branded Yealinks.

Sangoma has no business relationship with Yealink in terms of phone manufacturing or phone firmware. Never has.

Please stop spreading this baseless rumor just because you hate the look of the S series.