Digium 1TE435BF Not showing in CentOS 6

So we are excited to work with Windows Server 2016 as Hyper-V now has the ability to pass through PCI devices directly connected to the host, to a specific VM. My issues is, after loading up a minimal install of CentOS 6, I am unable to see the card when running lspci from the command line. It just doesn’t show.

However, If I do a minimal install of CentOS 7, it does show up, so I know it is indeed working as expected. Just not with CentOS 6 which is what FreePBX is currently running on, that we are hoping to use with this device to be able to virtualize our Asterisk system as we have 3 channel banks, and a PRI that is connected to our production system that is running Asterisk 1.4.

Any ideas on how to get CentOS 6 to at least acknowledge existence of the card?

My guess is it wont work and you need a newer kernel that is in CentOS 7. Try and install our Beta ISO which is EL7 and see if that works.

I installed the beta 3 version, and yes, it does recognize the card now, however it does give the below output when I run lspci:

wcte43x b796:00:00.0: Existing firmware file dahdi-fw-te435.bin is version e0019, but we require 13001e. Please install the correct firmware file.

Looks like I still have some waiting to do. At least I know I can run core asterisk if I want to. But my goal is to make it easier for the next guy or my other staff by having an easy to use GUI like FreePBX as opposed to having to have an extensive knowledge of Asterisk and Linux command line operations.

Updated firmware files are here: http://downloads.digium.com/pub/telephony/firmware/releases/

Its been a long time since I used a Digium hardware card but I think you can just upload the new version onto your server and it should use it.

@xrobau needs to go update all the firmware from Digium for their cards it appears.

So, how does one update the firmware on the card in a Linux environment? I have downloaded and un tarred the .bin file, but am unsure of what direction to go from here. In a Windows environment I am use to a utility to load the firmware into the device I am updating. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Nevermind, I guess you just untar the file and copy it to the /lib/firmware/ folder. I assumed you had to use some tool to write the firmware file to the device. Once I copied it over and rebooted, the card shows up in the FreePBX interface with all 4 ports. Thanks again for all your help!

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And indeed I did. There’s a new ‘digium-firmware’ RPM available with the latest firmware. A ‘yum update’ will get it (but @ttufts in this case doesn’t need to! :sunglasses: )