Digital Receptionist Problem


I have a simple IVR setup:

Option 1 will take me to extention 204
option 2 will take me to extension 201

I use my own Recorded messege as a greeting

Problem is Option 2 rarely works, i hit 2 and nothing happens, sometimes it will work and extension 2 will answer but 95% it wont, option 1 always works.


We did not use the 2xx exten’s in past for reason??? Was it Speed dial or was that 300??

try a different exten number (create 2000 and test it)
dig a little digger or post if you had done so …

Thanks for the reply,

I have allready tried a different extension but no luck, after a lot of testing i realised that it gives me the problem also in option 1 but not as bad, if i press 1 a couple of times it goes through. I also did a lot of digging arround, i tried the DTMF options and played arround with GSM with no luck. It seems to be a DTMF detection problem.

My region is greece.

And one last thing, if i remove the Recording messege it works better.

What phone(s) are you using??

Have you used softphone IAX??
test with