Digital cards for astersik

Good day.

I was wondering if you are able to connect a regular digital phone to asterisk (not IP phone) and if so what interface card do I need. I searched the internet with no luck, I couldn’t get any definitive answer any where. Please any help would be appreciated.

Pretty well no on that one.

Thank you for the quick response so it seems that I have to change that client’s digital phones to ip phones. At least I have my answer now. Thanks again

There are ways to do it with additional hardware (do a search for CITEL products) but most of the time for all of the trouble and required tweaking those solutions you are better off just pulling the trigger on new phones, instead of migrating existing digital phones, if you can get away with purchasing phones with switches in them you can often re-purpose ethernet ports and share them between PC and phone, this could save you quite a few cable pulls if wiring is an issue. Depending on the scope and budget of the project inexpensive (under $100) IP phones will likely serve you better than VoIP to digital adaptors.