Digital Card_ E1 Trunk inbound outbound call

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Well,on this thread i am asking two questions hope to get help from you,

1- I am about to purchase Digital card for a E1 trunk,the E 1 trunk will provides a range of 100 lines. So now i want to know how to slip these different lines to reserve a range of lines for inbound calls and the rest for outbound calls as well as DID numbers ?

2- Analogue card is currently installed on the server PC witch running FreePbx,however i never install both analogue and digital cards on a same server that will required 2 slot PCIs, do you ?

Any suggestion,idea,help will be much appreciated, i thank you in advance.

Thanks !

  1. you can set different groups for different DID.
  2. yes, two cards need two slots.

Thank you very much, for the setting of different groups it done by breaking channels ?
Correct ?

Thanks !

yes, i think so. :smile:

Thanks, a last question, i received 15 lines on the trunk, I want to know how to set the DID for 7 numbers of them witch will use for inbound call.

Thanks !

If you have 15 lines, it means you have 15 DID numbers, you have to set inbound route with 15 DIDs. if match the one of 15 DIDs, then let the pbx route to certain extensions or queues.

Ok thank you, but I need to set some on them for inbound while the rest are set for outbound call. There’s a way I can manage that ?