Digit translation

Is it possible to do a complete number translation in the outbound routes? I want to strip the complete number and replace it with a new number. If so, can someone give me an example?



Set up an outbound route with the number dialed as the only entry.

In the “Match” and “Remove” columns, put in the number. Remember unless you include wildcards, it has to match exactly.

In the “Replace” column put the number you really want to include.

Route it all to your standard outbound trunk.

This is what I have in there, so if a user dials 44444444 the actual call out from the pbx is to 55555555.

in case the pic doesn’t load its

(55555555) + | 44444444

Negative, digits to be stripped go in the prefix field, digits to be added go in the prepend field, digits to be left alone go in the match pattern field. Your dial pattern as shown will actually send 5555555544444444 to the trunk

The problem is I don’t want any digits to be left alone but if I leave the match field blank, how will it match the 44444444 number I am dialing? I have tried both

(55555555) + 44444444 | 44444444

(55555555) + 44444444 | .

and neither seem to be working.

Leave the ‘match pattern’ field blank.

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Thank you Igaetz, that worked,

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