Diffrent outbound route for extensions


i have multiple voip providers

i want that Extensions 20XX use provider A
and that Extensions 21XX use provider B

is this posible?

Regards Mark

Yes look at using the Caller ID field in outbound routes.


i only see the 2 options bellow on the trunk page
i don’t think this is the right option
i am a beginning user and need a little bit more help

Outbound Caller IDCaller ID for calls placed out on this trunk
Format: <#######>. You can also use the format: “hidden” <#######> to hide the CallerID sent out over Digital lines if supported (E1/T1/J1/BRI/SIP/IAX).:


CID Options
Determines what CIDs will be allowed out this trunk. IMPORTANT: EMERGENCY CIDs defined on an extension/device will ALWAYS be used if this trunk is part of an EMERGENCY Route regardless of these settings.
Allow Any CID: all CIDs including foreign CIDS from forwarded external calls will be transmitted.
Block Foreign CIDs: blocks any CID that is the result of a forwarded call from off the system. CIDs defined for extensions/users are transmitted.
Remove CNAM: this will remove CNAM from any CID sent out this trunk
Force Trunk CID: Always use the CID defined for this trunk except if part of any EMERGENCY Route with an EMERGENCY CID defined for the extension/device.:

If you look at the outbound routes screen, observe a field in the patterns named “caller ID.” You can set a route for the 2000 series extensions with 20XX in the caller ID segment and another route with 21XX in the caller ID segment. That is a fairly easy solution so long as you keep your extensions segregated into specific number groups like 20xx and 21xx. You would have one route for each group which you then assign specific trunk groups to and thus make sure that 20xx goes to provider “A” while 21xx goes to provider “B”.

For a more flexible solution (but notably more complex), check out the Custom-Contexts module of FreePBX. It gives broader flexibility on many different fronts but is more complicated to set up.


i dont have that field in the outbound route page
I only have the outbound CID, Pin and dial paterns

What version of FreePBX are you using?


if it is needed it is posible to install a new one (around 20 extensions )

Ok well under outbound routes you should see a table of all your outbound routes. The last field in that table is Caller ID


i was not looking at that part :slight_smile:
i am sorry for that
but it works exactly as i want now

Manny thanks

This is exactly what i needed. and it works perfectly for multiple companies on 1 server with different route. i’m using loalphone.com and they do not let you spoof your caller id. you actually have to pick 1 per sip trunk on their site.

for those of you who didn’t understand this is the cid in the dial patterns for the outbound route.
its the last one after the / that is usually left blank.

you can either create one for each extension or use the wild cards to compile the extension style…