Difficulty connecting to voicemail on some phones

I have 10 Snom 821 phones. After updating from FreePBX 14 to FreePBX 15, pressing the Message button on two of the phones has no effect – the dial tone continues. The Message button on the other eight phones works correctly. I have power cycled all the phones to reboot, but this did not resolve the issue. The behavior is identical regardless of whether the Message button is lit (indicating a voicemail is waiting) or not lit. All 10 phones were configured using EndPoint Manager.

I am not sure whether this is related or not, but after dialing *97 or *98 on any of the 10 phones, there is a 30 second delay before connecting to voicemail. So, even on the two phones on which the Message button does not work, it is possible to connect to voicemail if the user is willing to wait for 30 seconds. I am not sure whether this behavior is new with FreePBX 15, since we did not normally use *97 or *98 with FreePBX 14 – pressing the Message button was simpler.

Can you try a different firmware? Are you able to monitor the phone log to see if the system is recognizing a button is being pressed?

You likely need to account for the featurecode in the Snom dial string and it would dial right away. This is adjustable in EPM too I believe.

Thanks to your suggestions, I concluded that the problem was not with FreePBX at all, but with the configuration of my phones. I was able to update the Snom dial string so that all phones can now reach voice mail by dialing *97 or *98. The problem is resolved.

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