Differentiate external from internal calls

Hi. I’ve a pbx with hundreds of inbound routes directed to extensions, without queues or ring groups. In case of no answer (or busy / not reachable) there is a forward to a ring group. And all is right (from external and from internal). Now customer need that ONLY EXTERNAL CALLS, after 20 seconds, if not answered from the extension, are redirected to a trunk. Any ideas? We are talking about hundreds of did so bettere something where i don’t need to reconfigure all dids… The only idea is too much invasive… It means one virtual extension for each did. Then followme for the virtual extension for 20 seconds to the real one. Failover destination after 20 seconds to the trunk. But in this way we need to manage double extensions (one real and one virtual) for managing routing from internal and from external. Need something smarter…

Admin cal close topic. Managed with Custom Destination and passing variables with CID PREFIX

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