Different VoIP Providers

Hi :slight_smile: - I need a little help with my trixbox system. I have two separate voip providers called MyNetFone and GoTalk. MyNetFone is my main house number which receives inbound & outbound services and it’s number starts with 800 while GoTalk is only used incoming calls using our 1300 number service. Both providers are SIP in trixbox. I would like to set different destinations for each route with MyNetFone going to my only homes Cisco phone ext. 655 with the GoTalk 1300 number either going to another cell phone extension (already setup + works) or going straight to a voicemail separate from MyNetFone. I have tried through the inbound router but for some reason it can’t tell apart the different numbers my telco gave me when I enter them as CID to try and separate each line. I am pretty sure I am doing something completely wrong and would be greatfull if someone could give me a few steps from the beginning and yes I have searched through the forums and could not find anything which could help me with my problem. When I did try separating the lines for different routes, I got “this number is incorrect or something along those lines” but asterisk -r still displayed as calls coming in as incoming, but just being told the number is not available, however when I revert back to my old settings (original) both lines work are reach the same ext 655. Gotta love FreePBX though! It’s awesome.

You would need to set up Inbound Routes in FreePBX to deal with this.

The CID is Caller ID and is the number your caller is calling from and is sent by their telco.

You need to route using the DID option entering the number your callers are going to be dialling

From here you can send straight to voicemail or wherever you want.

Hope this helps.