Different voicemail msg at different times

Another one i’m trying to figure out. I have setup voicemail at a random ext 789. I have voicemail tured off on my other 4 phones and it is directed to 789@Default This so for has worked great. I still can not get it to no ask for mail box on the phones when dialing *97 but that’s another matter.
Im trying to setup voicemail for certain times. I’d like a schedule like this

1.) 6:45 am voicemail uses "we are here but unavail"
2.) 1:00 pm voicemail uses "we are at lunch and will be back"
3.) 2:00 pm voicemail uses "we are here but unavail"
4.) 5:00 pm voicmeail uses “we are currently closed”

Any suggestions.
Also I looked at the folder when I recorded a custom voicemail over the phone and it created in
/var/spool/asterish/voicemail/default/789 unavail.wav and unavail.WAV and unavail.gsm only diff is the capital WAV at the end. The capital WAV is 14megs and so is the gsm. the lowercase wav is 143 kb and they all play the same thing except i’m not able to play the gsm.
Thanks for the help!

Time condition > announcement > vm box without greeting

ok. I set my time groups, time conditions, announcements, but still having trouble.
You can see my hours above. I setup a group DND (*280) that will turn on when I go to lunch or out of the office.
So this is the setup for ex: closed
-I’ve set time group closed for my days that I am closed.
-Time Condition “closed” time group is closed
Flow Toggle control is setup as such (*280 for me):

  • Normal flow (green) : ring group all
  • Override Flow (red): Voicemail
    ±----This is what I know is not set right but I cant figure out how to make it go to the the timegroup. Will i have to make a DND for lunch and closed?

I forgot to mention on the Time condition closed
If the destination if time matches goes to announcement closed AND Destination if time does not match goes to the call flow control DND

typically your inbound route would point to the flow control.
the flow control when on or green goes to time condition closed.
if closed matches, then go to an announcement which then goes to vm without a greeting.
if closed does not match, go to the next time condition (lunch?).
if lunch matches, go to an announcement which then goes to vm without a greeting.

you get the idea?

Thanks. This is what happens when you work on this at 2am. I just didnt think to put the second lunch time condition in the closed time condition. I’ll give it a try now.

ok. it worked. thanks!!!