Different roles / logins / rights


Is there any way we can assign different roles / logins / rights in FreePBX?

Like if I only want JohnSmith to be able to login and manage extention 700 to 750, IVR_Smith and follow me functions that belong to those extentions; and JaneDoe to manage extentions 751 to 800 and IVR_Doe and follow me.

Is it possible or I would need it custom developed?


Well no not to that degree.

You can create users and restrict access to a range of extens.

But if you grant them access to IRV they see and can change all ther IVR’s

What you are looking is multi-tentant

2,000.00 and up or you can hit the front page of freepbx and see the posting on the freepbx multi-tentant project

Your $2,000.00 and $ 2,000.00 from each of the other 20 or so folks on the forums who want this would get some work done on the project and then you could have a multi-tentant box…