Different ring-sound/frequency for internal/external calls


If there is an incoming external call, all my phones in the queues are ringing with same ring-sound/frequency.
When there is an internal call (phone-2-phone) normally its the same ring-sound/frequency as for external calls.

Its there a way to setup 2 different ring-sound/frequency,
one for external calls and the second for internal calls ?

Thats the case a old PBX systems and customers like it.

Imagine, there is somebody working in a large stock and he has not the possibility to look every time on his phone.
So he can “hear” by the different ring-sound/frequency, if it is an external or internal call.

Is there a way to setup like this ?

Bye and thanks for your help in advance

Take a look at the alert_info box in the inbound route setup. Put one of the following in that box: , , , . These define the ring cadences to be used and are the “standard” cadences as devised by Bell a number of years ago. The “normal” ring is dr1. You’ll need to put this in each inbound route. You must use the square bracket.

This can be telephone hardware dependant, but we’ve successfully used it with Aastra and Grandstream devices.