Different Outbound Caller Id For Different Locations

I’m really confused here. I know that I need to look at the settings for Outbound Routes and Trunks. But I’ve been banging my head against a wall all day. I have 2 locations, both have different Inbound Routes with different numbers and that works great. However I currently have 1 Outbound Route and 1 Trunk setup. So all calls leaving the system get tagged with the same caller id. How do I go about making the phones from the other location get tagged with a different caller id?

I’ve tried to configure a new Outbound Route and Trunk, but I don’t think I understand the setup. Also how would this even be possible to setup using dial patterns in these? I’m getting the hint that is how you do it, but wouldn’t that just match the dialed number and assign it a route and trunk. Both locations could dial the same number, so how would that work as some type of deciding factor to what the outbound caller id needs to be?

If your trunk is SIP or IAX you should be able to set the Caller ID you want on a per extension basis using the Outbound CID field. Hold your mouse over the question mark and it shows you the format: "Name" <NPANXXXXXX>

Strange, I thought I answered this already but here goes again:

If you have SIP or IAX trunks (possibly even on PRI) you can set the outbound Caller ID on a per extension basis. Hold your mouse over the question mark beside Outbound CID and it shows the format:

If you have too many or don’t want to touch every extensino you can use extension routing (free module) and the COS module (commercial module) works well too.

I tried entering this in the Outbound CID, “Company Name” <6168923423>, for an extension to test and after the change the extension could not place any outbound calls. It phone would say all ports busy. Is there something I’m missing? Why does your example show letters being used?

Also my FreePBX trunk setting is “Allow any CID”.

Does your Provider allow you to present random CID’s? many don’t and will reject such calls.

Awesome, got it working! All I had to do was call the telephone company and have them add another acceptable outbound number. Great advice and thanks for making my day that much better!