Different Operator when you Dial 0 based on extension

I have one I haven’t run into yet, I have a company that wants to have different assigned operators (if a desk phone dials a 0), depending on what extension they are calling from.

So say if your calling from extension 3xxx, then if you hit 0 get get sent to the operator at extension 3100, but if your calling from an extension in the 8xxx range, and you pick up your phone and dial 0, then you get sent to the operator at extension 8200.

Any easy way to do this in FreePBX/FPBX-Distro outside of a bunch of custom dialplan and contexts?

OK so if you used outbound routes and setup the pattern match then used extension routing to restrict which route extensions can use you can then not set a trunk and just set the “Optional Destination on Congestion” to be a ring group that dials he operator.

Hope that makes sense. Kind of messy but its all I can come up with in the GUI to do it.