Different music on hold for day and for night

is there any possibility for that?

You could use time conditions with identical routes but with different MOH.

this claient alrady have time condition so hwo it can be done?
thank you

u must use time conditin for day and night.then create 2 queue.and use one of MOH in each queue

General Procedure:

  1. make two identical IVR/Ring Group/Queue, or whatever will play MOH. One called DayMOH, other called NightMOH.
  2. make Time Group: 8am - 7:59pm called Daylight.
  3. make Time Condition called Daytime and use the Daylight grouping. If time condition is a match, point to DayMOH, if is is not a match point to NightMOH.
  4. make your incoming route point to —>Time Condition: Daytime.