Different MOH in queue

Hey *,

I have a question/problem with a queue i configured in freepbx:

In a queue that we use i configured a different “queue MOH” than standard. But I want to play the standard MOH if a caller was already connected to an extension and is then put back on hold (“R”), to be than transferred to an other extension. The background is, that we have a IVR breaktou in the queue and that is annoounced in the queues MOH, but doesnt make any sense if the call is already answered.

Your help is very appreciated!!

Thanks, Florian

The only work around without coding a bit that i can think of is to enable FollowMe.

You don’t have to send the calls to external number, just enable Follow Me on that extension, set the initial ring time to 0 and make sure that MOH is selected to whatever you want it to set.

Of course you need to make sure that your queue can call FM.

I never tested that, but i assume this will work.

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