Different languages don't work

Hi all,

I am trying to get FreePBX to work with different languages. Therefore I didi the following steps:

  1. Downloaded German Asterisk prompts
  2. Put them to /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/de
  3. Installed the language module
  4. Added lanuage code de in the user’s accounts

But it didn’t work! When I look at the asterisk console the following output is shown (when I dial a number which doesn’t exist):

-- Executing [*[email protected]:1] Answer("SIP/2-0a149a90", "") in new stack
-- Executing [*[email protected]:2] Wait("SIP/2-0a149a90", "1") in new stack
-- Executing [*[email protected]:3] NoOp("SIP/2-0a149a90", "app-dialvm: Asking for mailbox") in new stack
-- Executing [*[email protected]:4] Read("SIP/2-0a149a90", "MAILBOX|vm-login|||3|2") in new stack
-- <SIP/2-0a149a90> Playing 'vm-login' (language 'en')

The bottom line of you code shows that your voice prompts are still playing in English. The debug line shows “en” in this line:

–Playing ‘vm-login’ (language ‘en’)"

After setting your sip.conf to the correct language, for example if you wanted to have your freepbx in German you would set it to ‘de’


Then you need to reload the settying by typing “reload” into the console after logging into the server via shell access. Or edit anything with the web interface in freepbx (edit an extension and press save for example) and a dialog appears asking you to save your settings.

This will save and reload the settings into asterisk.


I did this, but it didn’t change anything on the behaviour. I also downloaded the language Module for freePBX and set the user to languagecode de. But it doesn’t work :frowning:


can you update your screenshot of FreePBX on your FreePBX link on your site? (and btw, it’s FreePBX, not FreePbx …) The 2.2 era screenshot is really dated :slight_smile:

I’ve had some changes made, but would you want to drop me an email and clarify what you would like changed.