Different hold music for different extensions, possible?

Is it possible or does anyone know how to allow different hold music to be played when someone presses hold which is different between extensions, or even contexts

for example
Ext 2000 when he puts someone on hold plays "Bon Jovi"
Ext 2001 when he puts someone on hold plays “Green Day”


2.3? the latest build i see is 2.2, where do i get this enahncement or build?

Thank you

the development branch (trunk) of svn is ‘2.3’ - at least until we decide what realy number to give it. In the svn tree that would be amportal/freepbx/trunk and the modules would be amporta/modules/branches/2.3

ah i see, kinda scares me though to go with a development release, does it seems stable from what you know so far?

Is it possible for you to post the part of the code that makes this magic happen? perhaps i can implement this stuff manually.

I am using the custom context addon solution, so perhaps that helps. i dont know

but any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you again


I don’t run the exact version of trunk but what I run and is run on several Colleagues systems is pretty close. I can never recommend running a development branch outright, but I can tell you that most of the stuff there is in pretty good shape. The specific MOH - I’ve done a lot of testing on that and have been running it for a long time. If there is a time to grab that branch it would be now before a flurry of activity happens on it.

strange i cant find it when i browse the SVN repository (which i get to by going to download from main website and then choose browse code).

So i found the modules part
"modules would be amporta/modules/branches/2.3" however can i simply download just the module and replace it on my exisiting 2.2? or will this not work?

assuming we need the whole thing then i went to freepbx/trunk but didnt find 2.3 or anything like that

so within each of the folders what should i be downloading?


So i found the modules part
"modules would be amporta/modules/branches/2.3" however can i simply download just the module and replace it on my exisiting 2.2? or will this not work?

also under freepbx/trunk i dont see anything with 2.3, so what am i downloading in this folder assuming i need anything here. also one last question, in the modules folder what am i downloading there. which folder? is it the one called, i assume the one called music or am i mistaken?

you need to download svn/trunk (which will be 2.3 or what ever name we choose to give it). The functionality is in core, the new extensions.conf, etc. so you can’t just grab bits and pieces.

I understand, so is this what we want to download for 2.3? i went to Freepbx/trunks/ but didnt see a folder 2.3


or should i download something else, just very confused what to download, thanks again

trunk is ‘2.3’

ok maybe we are seeing two different things, and i am feeling really stupid bugging you with this, but there is no 2.3 under Trunks.

Could u just send me the link, or the exact path in which i can go to, to build the entire 2.3?

Thanks again

yes - there is no 2.3 under trunk. trunk is the currenlty development branch which is posed to become 2.3 but does not say 2.3. The modules directory does say 2.3 since they have to have a version number.

I implemented this but based on inbound and directdid routing. For calls that are originated I implemented it based on outbound call routing. It is all in 2.3. Take a look at what is there - and then feel free to post up on trac how you would like to see it changed or improved and what the scenarios are.

Ok, situation

I am running FreePBX and I have setup various Music ON hold categories with various music.
Here’s the problem, assigning the Music on hold for each extension doesn’t seem to work.

I have setup a queue (673) with a music on hold category of “Music”, when I dial the queue, it plays the proper set of music files.

When I dial an extension (100) with the “Music” category applied to them, it plays the default MOH file.
Additionally the “none” category does not seem to function properly when applied to an extension.

Help? :slight_smile:

Its been a while since i have checked on this, but last i remmeber the MOH for different extensions doesnt work as you have realized. Queues, works but thats always worked. however incoming calls works, if you notice under inbound routes you can choose different hold music, this means if you have a number going direct to an extension and that extension picks up and puts the caller on hold then the music category you defined in the inbound routes will play.

So thats pretty cool, unfortunately if you past it first to a Ring Group or anything else then it wont work. it needs to be direct to an extension from what i have seen. as soon as a different module (like a Rng Group) is placed after the inbound routes then it wont work. its strange bec you would think there would be a point to “music category” in the extension details.

I am guessing its there in the event you create an extension with an inbound route by defining the incoming DID field, but this is essentially the same as creating an inbound routes and pointing the destination to the extension. so perhaps they placed this music category in there for people who wanted to do direct number to extension setups.

yup - it is in there because it is directly associated with the DID routing and is exactly what inbound routes do. It may be less than adequately documented though (feel free to file a bug against that aspect, and you are always free to file a feature request against additional desired functionality).

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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I set up a 2nd class for music on hold and
then with the extensions utility, I gave it that class and saved changes.

The extension still used default when called and the call was placed on hold…

is there something I’m missing?