Different Feature code to login and logout from the queue

Hi there, can we use different code to login and logout from the queue. For example we want to use *45 to login and *46 to logout.

Admin > Features Codes. Look for those you want to change and select ‘Custom’. Make sure to not overlap wih any other feature code.

You would have to know whether the agent was logged in or logged out before doing that, given that knowledge you would need to overload the *45 and *46 feature codes appropriately.

Hi @dicko, thanks for the writing. Under feature codes I only see one option “Allow Dynamic Members of a Queue to login or logout”. I can customize that but how can I set different star code for login and different for logout?

By rewriting the dialplan logic to provide your new requirements for your needed ‘feature codes’ , currently it is a ‘toggle’ so not exposed as a ‘binary’

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