Different DIalout Trunks for Different SIP-Phones?


I am new to freepbx and I wonder how I could configure the following:

Different Extensions must have different Trunks for Dialing-Out
e.g. ext 30 and 40 must use Trunk1 and Extensions 50 and 60 must
use Trunk2 for dialing out for the same Destination Pattern (_X.).

Any Ideas ?



  1. For each Trunk Create an Outbound Route
  2. With Module Custom Contexts create a context for each outbound trunk, denying all lines the user should not use and allowing the line the user should use.
  3. WIth Extension Editor put each extension in a custom context (should work, but doesnt work yet because with Extensions Editor you can choose tha Custom Context but after pressing submit the custom context field is lost.