Different configuration sets

we have to change often ten extions with different routings at a time. it is quite different to go into every inbound route and change this.

is there some way to do this faster, like with different configuration sets or something like thsi ?

Backup and Restore does not realy work for our needs-

Best regards


It often helps to tell not only what you are trying to accomplish, but why you are trying to accomplish it. Please provide the Why?

As I’ve mentioned before. Remember the credo for a properly written news story. THe 5 W’s. Plus in case of software, the V or Version.



the purpose is that we forward calls different

e.g. sometimes we need to forward 10 differnet inbound routes not to an extension, but to an external call service
in the veneing we use another call center for taking our calls.

and at night we forward to different mailboxes oder mobilephones.

BR Niels

Ok…Take a look at DAY/NIGHT along with Time Conditions.
Properly configured Follow Me might have some functionality also.