Different Buttons for Extensions of Same Endpoint Manager Model

I’m sure this is in the Wiki somewhere, but I can’t find it. I guess can’t figure out the right search terms.

I have multiple model S500s configured for extensions in EPM. I want to put different speed dial buttons on them and can’t find where I make custom changes to an extension that don’t effect the rest of the phones configured with the same model.

I of course want to do this in EPM, not in phone GUI.

Can someone give me a link to docs, or an idea of how to do this?

Lazy to search for it. But in UCP Global Settings > Allow UCP Admin for All > Yes.
You should be able to configure each phone in extension mapping.

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Thanks, PitzKey.

Yes, UCP works. But changes made in UCP do not reflect in EPM, so it could get confusing with multiple administrators. So, I can also do it with copied sangoma_default template. Waiting now to see how many phones this will apply to before I pick a path.

Just seems odd I can modify by extension in UCP but not in EPM.

Seems like you got this wrong.
When you enable what i wrote, you can change the buttons for each phone in Extension Mapping in EPM.

UCP for EPM lets you do individual buttons that differ from the template. We use it all the time and its great when it works!

I did set Settings > EPM > Global Settings > “Admin UCP for All” to “Yes” and it now allows all users with UCP access to destroy their config, but I saw no change or option for custom config in EPM. Any ideas on what I’m missing?

Also seems UCP settings are overwitten if extension/template changed again in EPM.

In extension mapping you should see this:
When you click on it, you should be able to configure all keys, just make sure you set save and update phones.

At anytime you can come back and click reset to template.

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OK, I am blind. Thank you, PitzKey. That is what I needed.

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