Different action when extension is busy or if no answer

We use FreePBX on Asterisk 1.4.x and have the following problem.
Currently in the “follow me” form and in the “ring group” form, there can be only actions selected for “no answer”.
It looks like, that “no answer” makes no difference if an extension is busy or simply does not pick up the call.
What I want is, that if an extension is busy, then the busy signal should ring and if the call is not picked up after some time, the call should be forwarded.
How do I achieve this in FreePBX?

Any help is very appreciated!

The problem with ring groups is that there can be multiple extensions in a ring group. Thus, how would Asterisk know which extension you want to provide the status of busy or no answer?

In the later releases of FreePBX with follow-me, you have the option to ring the primary extension for a period before the other extensions in the ring group are rung. This allows for that extension to have the call ring on a second call appearance prior to bouncing to the other extensions. There are so many options for the follow-me ring group that there are many work-arounds.

The ringallv2-prim will ring the primary extension if it is not in use. Otherwise the call goes to the “busy” voice mail greeting. With that ring strategy, if the primary extension rings unanswered, then the call follows the ring group extensions with an unanswered call going to the unavailable message.

That’s going to be the closest you can get with the current functionality unless you do some custom coding.