Different 0900 extensions

Want to configure my freepbx with the following:

  1. There will be a number of extensions which route externally to cell phones.

2.there should be a main number users dial to reach my system. Preferably a short code.

  1. The cell phones have regular numbers and not premium numbers.

  2. The system is a premium service and different rates apply to the extensions.
    (Mobile number)
    I want to configure it such that when a user calls the main line (which can be a premium number) the ivy prompts him to enter the extension no an based on the extension no entered, a different rate may apply.

It is okay if I have to take multiple premium numbers. But I want just one main line for the service and the recipient’s numbers (Mobile extensions) should be regular pines as well.

Will be really grateful to get a solution.

Rain maker

Certainly what you ask can be done. Some custom scripting may be needed.

FreePBX is a PBX application for Asterisk, it’s not an application platform.

There is no solution to your problem, you simply need to clearly specify what you want it to do and then either hire a programmer to do it or learn programming yourself.

When I see questions like this in a forum I struggle to understand what work product you expect from us.

Hello SkykingOH,
I simply wanted to know if that was possible and if so how to go about it.
Yes I am a programmer but new to asterisk.


See there is that “how to go about it” again.

I don’t understand how to answer that. You go about it like any other project, specifying requirements then making sure your development platform can achieve your results.

I already told you FreePBX is not a development environment it’s an application in itself. Asterisk has hundreds if not thousands of modules and functions.

If you ask a specific question I will try and answer it. Maybe someone else will figure out what you want.

Good luke

I’ll try, my guess he is possibly from the UK as he uses uk terminology, He is asking how to make sure chan_mobile is installed and working, what hardware he needs to use chan_mobile, how he can avoid airtime charges to cell phones , how to set up follow-me and how FreePBX can help him do all that.

The simple answer to rainmaker is then yes it’s all possible, and you would go about it in the same way as you do with your other programming projects, research your subject deeply, read the wiki here and other phone related resources, you will have to wrap your head around chan_mobile and the hardware necessary to use it, when you understand how everything fits together it will be easy, but I don’t think anyone can reasonably go further than that advice as it would not benefit your understanding of the problem you are about to tackle and without that your solution would probably be less than ideal.

Good luck though, very specific questions are likey to get very specific answers “How to I do it”, not so much :slight_smile:

Hey I know my boots from bonnets, don’t get offended when someone sees me sucking on a fag.

I was always amazed at the way the British port office wrote the standards for communication technologies.

Anyway, getting back on course (squirrel) I didn’t think of that angle, and I am sure a halfway decent toll bypass box could be cobbled together. It seems like the process of learning is not taught anymore.

The excitement of your first “hello world” app. Working on little components until you get enough to build something useful.

In the next couple of years I am going to get involved in SCORE and hope to pass along some of this to next generation.

I don’t think it is for toll-bypass more the opposite, my cynicism makes me think it is another example of a “get rich quick” schemer trying to get someone else to do the dirty work, 0900 numbers in the UK are primarily used to generate up to $2 per minute calls to adult services or other calls of questionable worth, officially sanctioned extortion if you ask me, of course it might be to benignly collect for charity though :wink:

Can you save the unused minutes :slight_smile:

There was a time when the worst legal sanctions that could be made against fraudulent phone use in the UK was for “Stealing the Queen’s Electricity” (corroboration requested . . . )