Difference between updates

I’m still a little bit of a newbie so please forgive this question if it sounds to novice. I’m curious about the difference between module updates in Module Admin as opposed to Updates in System Admin. I also need to know if either of these impact current calls or restart asterisk. I’m trying to determine if there is any reason I can’t perform these during regular business hours.

Module Updates through Module Admin do not disturb running calls. Updates through System Admin not only update FreePBX, they update the whole system, and the average System Update bounces Asterisk several times, so only after hours for those.

Thanks. This will help a lot.

It looks like the System Updates can be performed at the command line so those could be scheduled with cron.

There’s actually a crude scheduler at the bottom of the page if you have Sysadmin Pro - if you are doing them from the CLI you could probably automate it.

But, you have to ask your self if it will cost you more than $25.00 of time to set it up - if it will, just buy the Pro module. If you are fast at scripting, go for it.

I have Sysadmin Pro. I noticed the schedule options but no option to tell it what time of day.

I see the custom allows me to set the time.