DID Works for any extension except one


I’m trying to add a DID for an extension and when I point it at one particular extension I’m getting a 503 response from the server to the SIP provider. If I redirect that DID to any other extension it works no problem. When I use the GUI to search the log file for the DID phone number, nothing shows up.

Any suggestions?

Yes, post logs.

There are literally hundreds of things this could be.

I tried what it showed in providing great debug but when I search the CDR I get nothing which seems correct since the server hasn’t actually accepted the call and has only replied with a 503 error. I could post the complete full log file but I suspect that would be a waste of space on this forum. If looking for the unique ID won’t work to find specific log entries, what else should I do?

Does it show up in the log when you point it to another extension?

What about a different DID pointed to the troubled extension? Does it work then?

Stupid question but are you sure the extension you are pointing it to is online and registered? Try pointing it to the VM of that extension and see what you get.

Yes, when I search for the number for DID in the CDR Reports, it finds the two calls I was able to make successfully. But nothing for the attempts to the problem extension. When I move the DID that is normally pointed to my extension to the problem extension I get the 503 error. When I search my normal DID in CDR reports, I get nothing.

Sometimes the stupid questions get you the smart answers. That apparently was the issue. It was a new user that didn’t show up so they never actually logged into their phones. Thanks!

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