DID Routing - Possible New Module?

I have been unable to find a way to do this in FreePBX.

I have a customer with 20 locations. The IVR for each location is identical except for the 1st option which gives driving directions. Currently I route 20 DIDs to 20 IVRs.

I need a way to create a destination that is a DID routing condition. I was thinking something like Time Conditions but for DIDs instead of time. Is there functionality in FreePBX that can already do this? If not, is this a possible feature request?

Inbound routes?

i have been unable to find the way to do this freepbox.i need to add the cti function in pbx and integrate it with customer page in opencart.so please tell me the solution how to add cti function in pbx.

I don’t know what you mean by “CTI functions” it’s already a computer so that is completely meaningless.

Have you looked at the API for Asterisk AGI? Do you know how to program?

I want to send the destination of a IVR or ring group to basically a inbound route.

To me, sending the IVR target doesn’t ring true. That endbound route is in itself a target so there is no reason you can’t point your ivr to the same destination.


no,i don’t know.please tell me.

is to have a single ivr but have the Option 1 of the ivr play a different message based on the number dialed. what I think he is doing today is using 20 different ivrs, each one called from a specific inbound route. and I agree this would be a nice feature to have - some sort of DID routing similar to time conditions where you could test for a specific number dialed and then do something based on it.

That is exactly what I am talking about. There is only one place you can route a incoming call by DID incoming routes. I want the ability to do this anywhere there is a destination drop down.

I was thinking of a route groups application. Each route group would have options. Each option would have a type (CID, DID, etc?) drop down, a generic ID field and a destination drop down. I am just really thinking about my use case for this, but I am sure it would have many uses with maybe even more types of options.

Detailed Explination:
I have 20 car washes in 20 different cities on a hosted PBX. I have a local DID for each car wash that rings to the hosted PBX. I only have one person that handles customer support and one person that handles business support for all 20 car washes.

20 DIDs route to 20 IVRs. Option 1 for the support extension and option 2 for the business extension are the same on all 20 IVRs. The 3rd option is a directions announcement and is different for all 20 IVRs.

What I want is:
All calls go to 1 IVR. Option 1 is for the support extension and option 2 is for the business extension. Option 3 goes to a DID route group that routes each of the 20 DIDs to the directions announcement for the location associated with that DID.