Did phone number to dial specific extension

hello i’m needing some help to setup the following

i own two phone numbers i want one to be for my ivr and then i want the other to be for a specific extension ie a desk phone that is a totally different number then the ivr number but i want it to were the desk phone still rings with the ivr i just want to have a dedicated phone number for that phone how do i accomplish this

You need to set up an inbound route that matches the DID your provider is sending you. You may think you’ve already done this, but it sounds like you are using an “ANY/ANY” (no DID, no CID) to point to your IVR.

You can get the DID from your CDR reports, or you can look for the DID number in your /var/log/asterisk/full log file. You need to exactly match the phone number they are sending to get the DID field to match.

Once you have the Inbound Route set up, you can point the IR to your extension using the “Destination” pull-down at the bottom of the route page.

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