DID Outgoing problem

we Have a single PRI Line from ISP having 200 Number. I have used the last 4 digits of the numbers as my extension. so after DID maping on inbound routes i can receive call on the DID dialed by outside users, and the same works when i dial out. The problem lies when a call forward is made. any call coming on that DID call forwards using the Main pilot number. can any one help me in getting this resolved. i need the same DID to be directed to the call forwarded number

thanks in advance

I assume you mean the CID sent on CF is not the incoming CID but your site’s main CID.

If that is the case and you have not set any trunk settings to force this (see the tooltips on the trunk page) then it is probably your provider not allowing ‘foreign CIDs’ and thus overriding what you are transmitting.

You can check the CLI to see what FreePBX is trying to transmit in those cases. If you are being overwritten, then you need to check with your provider if they will allow you to re-transmit the CID and/or if there is anything special they require you to do such as adding diversion headers and equivalent to do such.

assume my pilot number is 4489000
one of the DID number is 4489599
SIP extension is 9599
Inbound route is 044489599
Outbound CID is 4489599
if i call out to any mobile the CLI carries my DID number. but if i call forward this to a mobile and if an incoming call comes onto the DID number it will call forward using my Pilot number,

sorry i am a newbie. everything is working fine except this which i have to sort out.

thanks for the reply i will try to have a look at the setting back again guess trial and error will do the work


sounds like your provider is not allowing you to send any CID other than those you own and using your pilot number when they encounter a foreign CID.

Some countries are not allowed to send anything else out.

If you want it to send out the DID it came in with as your new CID, you can do that with Follow-Me if using 2.7 or later.