DID not working in DAHDI incomming calls


I was using asterisk/zaptel/freepbx 2.4.X and I upgraded my system to asterisk/dahdi/freepbx 2.5.X.

The problem I’m having with new version is that ZAP CHANNEL DID’s is no working on dahdi in the new version for analog FXO’s (digital FXO’s DID’s are ok). I receive the channel id, but the DID is blank even I defined DID’s on freepbx.

I need to identify DID’s to route them to different IVR’s and queues.

Can you tell me how can I fix it.

I had a similar problem and my Google searches landed me here. It looks like the change required is changing /etc/asterisk/dahdi-channels.conf to use from-zaptel instead of from-pstn for each channel: http://automation.binarysage.net/?p=348

I have not implemented this yet, so I can’t confirm it works, but my search has led me to that answer on two different sites now. Hope that helps anyone else who stumbles upon this page in their search.