DID multiple failover destinations

I have a system where we want to direct each persons DDI to them for 5 seconds, if they dont answer it goes to the main sales queue for 10 seconds. if it is not answered by an agent within 10 seconds it goes to the original users voicemail. How can i do this without having to create a whole load of queues. Is this a feature of vqplus?

Use timeout of queue with c - continue in the dialplan if the callee hangs up (Asterisk 1.6.0 and above).


This is going to be the hard part, I think. At that point, you’ve already “answered” the call by sending it to a couple of destinations.

I’m thinking this is probably going to end up as a custom context.

Just to Let everyone know this was solved by a custom context. We then added in a custom destination on freepbx to ba bale to link to the context