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DID inbound fax2mail gateways

(Chris) #1


there are multiple DID extensions for phone users, e.g. -101, -102, -103.

Now, every user should get his own DID fax extension (fax2mail, inbound), e.g. -201, -202, -203.

Is this possible? Do I have to define inbound routes? Can I use patterns? Is the commercial fax extension required?

As far as I see fax recognition (“fax switch”) on -101, -102, -103 wouldn’t be as reliable as dedicated DIDs. Furthermore one would have to answer all calls, even if the callee isn’t available.

  • Chris

(Lorne Gaetz) #2



Inbound routes can use dial patterns if that’s what you’re asking.

Not required, but if you’re users want to see inbound faxes in UCP then it’s needed.

Assuming you’re on FreePBX 13+, then enable faxes in user manager then route faxes to “Fax Recipient”

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