Did hell

Basically my DID is not working and I am really stumped. On the CDR I am seeing the following line:
2008-09-02 20:54:28 0035679498471 110 SIP/ SIP/110-08e57948 ANSWERED 4 Not Recorded

0035679498471 is the source (external) number.

I am actually calling a DID number which is 22298158. This is actually extension 158 in my case.

I have one rule which routes ANY CID/DID to extension 110 so that if the DID is not recognised the call should go to ext 110 which is the receptionist.

Under reports I have this line:

2008-09-02 20:54:28 SIP/192.16… 0035679498471 “22298158” <0035679498471> 110 ANSWERED 00:13

As you can see the number dialed that is 22298158 is actually shown. So why isn’t this working?

I have done a further test and assigned a DID to the above rule. In other words my one rule now contains:

ANY CID/but DID = 158

Now I get the message from the provider saying that the number dialed is not assigned


What are your logs saying? CDR really doesn’t give the whole picture.
You may have a disconnect in what your provider is sending vs what you are telling FreePBX to expect.



how do I see these logs please?


They’re located in /var/log/asterisk. You’ll want to look at the logs beginning with “full”.