DID Has Been Routed To A Test Destination

On my FreePBX Dashboard, I am getting the message “Your SIPSTATION DID xxxxxxxxxx, has been routed to a test destination”

I don’t understand why it’s saying that since I only have one Inbound Route which points the DID mentioned in the message (and any CID) to the Main IVR. The Main IVR is not a “test destination”, at least it’s not in my mind.

Does anyone know what might be causing this message, and what I can do to resolve it?

That’s normally triggered when module is activated with a keycode and DID’s are present , or additional DIDs after module is in place …

Are you sure you’re clearing the alert and not viewing an old one ?

if its indeed new alert call Support ask for Luke or Shawn and open a ticket - we need to understand that one

Sorry for being a complete n00b. :rofl: “when module is activated with a keycode and DID’s are present” doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, yet.

I did not want to delete the message until I understood what it was about. I was able to reslove all of the other messages that were showing. But, this one did not have a “Resolve” button.

I’ve deleted the message after reading your response, and it does not seem to be re-apearing after a logout-login.

So, if I’m understanding things… This message may have been generated after I connected 2 channels and one main DID on SIPSTATION, but had not yet routed it to the Main IVR. Did I get that right?

Just to close this out for future n00bs, it looks like @dolesec was correct. I deleted the message and it has not come back. Thanks again!

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