DID FORWARDING help! - I'm lost! :(


I recently created a couple of trunks, using my callwithus.com service, USING my account# (not a DID), created extension and I can make calls just fine. No problem there.

Here’s my problem, I use www.virtualphoneline.com service, they only offer DID forwarding service, nothing else, so for the last six months I have been forwarding my VPL.com DID’s via SIP, just like this: acct#@did.callwithus.com, and it works (most of the time).

But, since I am now using freepbx, I would like my DID’s to ring on different extensions, so far, no luck, I created a couple of inbound routes, each specifying the DID I wanted ringing on that extension, but no luck.

I am still forwarding my DID’s VIA SIP to did.callwithus.com, because if I try something like (sip/)DID#@pbxserverip, I get a message saying, “that number is no longer in service”, and www.virtualphoneline.com offers next to ZERO support for freepbx users, I opened this ticket, with this question:
“What is the best way to forward calls coming to my VPL DID to my freepbx server? I currently use Sip forwarding, but that doesn’t work, WOULD routing my VPL through IAX2 work better? How do I set routing through IAX2 to send calls to my asterisk server?”

Their response?

“Dear Kelvin,This is to inform you that SIP forwarding is the best way to forward calls on your freepbx server through asterisk.You need to concerned technical person on your end to fix it.In case of further questions or concern, feel free to contact us.”

Anybody that can help with this inbound routing problem?, please, I really need help! :slight_smile:

anybody? please, I really need help

I read your message and it did not make sense to me. I have to assume I am not the only one.

That is why you don’t have any answers.

First and foremost, you need to be sure the calls are actually hitting your box.

Once you determine that they are, you should be able to see the format of the incoming DID. It could be, for example, 6016385211, 6385211, 85211 or 5211 (These are the choices I have from my service provider).

You then set up the inbound routes with DIDs in the format you have determined.