DID Extensions DAHDI/SIP

I am trying to set up the DID’s for my extensions. I am using a PRI card, i have already set up the card in the PBXAct server. my question is can i just assign the DID’s to the extensions (SIP) or do i need to create a new DAHDI extension to use the DIDs coming off of the PRI line?

Look at the [from-did-direct] context in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf, it is probably just what you need , just modify the number of digits you are being sent to achieve a one-to-one mapping of did to extension.

Go create a inbound route with a DID from your provider and point it to your SIP extension. It’s real simple.

Even though it might sound like these answers are separate, both @dicko and @tonyclewis are correct, in case you’re not sure. Creating the inbound route with your DID (which you can get from the log file /var/log/asterisk/full) and then routing it to an extension is dead simple. Using the incoming context (on your trunk definitions) is another approach, but both end up with the simple process of routing an individual DID to your specific extensions.

the advantage using [from-did-direct] is you only need to do it once and all matching extensions are mapped . as if you had made n individual inbound routes

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Yes as long as your ending DID is the same as the extension number.

Of course, that is the whole elegance of that context, he would need to map any arriving DID (massaged as necessary, for a traditional PRI commonly provided in the US, just the 4 least significant digits are sent) to a local endpoint, he is not limited to just extensions, it could go directly to a ring group or queue or fax machine or whatever.

Welcome to the world of “How many ways can I solve the same problem.” :slight_smile: Clearly, you can see we’ve skinned this cat a couple times already.

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