DID doesn't show in Misc Dest

Hey there!
I’ve never been able to figure out how to get an inbound number to show up as the ‘from’ number on a ‘Misc Destination’ outbound call. It’s got to be something amazingly simple that I’m missing. After a dozen or so roll outs I figured I would have stumbled on to it by now, nope.
Caller ID works fine for inbound calls (say 702.555.1212). After hours if the IVR is set to dial a Misc Dest only the number of the PBX shows (say 702.222.1212, not the desired 702.555.1212). My trunks CID Options are set to Allow Any DID.
I’ve found numerous posts on difficulties passing an internal ext CID to a Misc Dest. I’m not interested in that. It happens on every FreePBX I’ve set up regardless of version. That must mean it’s gotta be me missing an option somewhere.