Dictate not sending e-mail


I am trying to configure app_dictate, having a issue to make it send the dictate file by e-mail.
I can dial *34 record my message , if I go to /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/dictate/extensionfolder/ the recording is there.
When I dial *35 and enter the file name I see In asterisk cli the following message
– Executing [*[email protected]:13] System(“SIP/xxxxx-0000001c”, “/var/lib/asterisk/bin/audio-email.pl --file /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/dictate/xxxx/35.raw --attachment dict-35 --format wav --to [email protected] --subject “Dictation from xxx Attached””) in new stack

No e-mail is in my box.
are there any settings to be done on audio-email.pl ?

Note that I have voice mail working properly, as well as my fail2ban sending mails correctly . I am using ssmtp as my mailing daemon.

I appreciate if someone can help.