Dicko's Opinions on FaxStation services

Sounds to me a little like snake-oil resalesmanship , please explain exactly how that would work. and to what that connection would need to connect to and ultimately , how much it would cost, both upfront and by connection to the customer? Do we need to assume this is a proprietary Sangoma thing? or would it work outside your infrastructure?

what is an efax panel and who do we pay 8 bucks a month to?

Go troll somewhere else Dicko. This is a 8 year old product with thousands of customers on it. It’s only sold through our SIPstation store for cusotmers who have our FaxStation service purchased.

And Tony, there are free alternatives, if you are reselling , then be upfront, if it costs 200 bucks a month then holy sh*t!!!

I don’t troll, and you should explain why you said that, as I have been posting for years here how t38modem is free and just fuck*ng works. You apparently have never explored that possibility , (you should)

A quick check on one Fax server, 8325 pages over ThinQ last month , zero errors!, can you say the same?

T38 doesn’t just work for alot of people. Depending on the person internet it is not flawless for alot of people. And you are assuming everyone that uses the service is a FreePBX user which is a small small percentage of our user base.

Secondly everything is upfront. It’s all in our store and even on the page the user above linked to. You buy the hardware and allows for to 4 fax machines. You then pay monthly service per port and buy 1 or more DIDs.

As states this is a 8 year old product with literally thousands and thousands of users. Nothing new here. Not a FreePBX thing. This is sold to users all over the US that have nothing to do with FreePBX from offshore oil rigs, legal and real estate lalong with medical companies. It’s a Sangoma product.

If you choose to push here and make up more BS you will get blocked so please go troll somewhere else.

I don’t “push” I don’t BS, I state my experiences, and I invite others to explore that path. I have just suggested that an interested party might just use an open source solution that is essentially free apart from connection costs, If that will result in yet another ban , then please explain why to the community before you do that block, then I will await peer comments . . .

No you called it snake oil salesmen ship and then tried to state we charge 200 a month instead of looking for yourself. Please respect my ask and stop railing here. A user asked about a specific service that has nothing to do with FreePBX and you want to rail on us. This is your last warning. Do not continue.

Tony, please understand I am not “railing” I am just showing the cognoscenti that it really could be connection based and not value added service based, i have previously posted my recipes , they are all open source and free. If this a fascist based forum, then I will be banned , if not should I not be allowed to express my opinions?

If I’m not mistaken the thread is about faxstation services. It’s was a question about the service. If someone wants something open source then they can ask about that in another thread. Right? This thread didn’t asked that question. Nor did it ask about alternatives. Nor did it critique the system. It just asked about faxstation, the pricing and how it works. You @dicko decided to turn it into something else…

Dicko you provided nothing else of substance except to question Sangoma. But the thread isn’t about questioning Sangoma. You didn’t even lookup the pricing yourself. You just made a general assumption that it cost $200/month when it doesn’t. This thread was about a service we offer. Your response to this is to call the service “snake oil” then to question Sangoma’s motives. I don’t see how this is constructive to this thread in general and therefore I’m going to split the topics.

Also. Let’s be honest and transparent here. These forums are owned by Sangoma Technologies Inc, if you think we are going to let you call our products “snake oil” without us saying anything you are gravely mistaken. Just because we deal in open source and just because you use FreePBX doesn’t mean we will let comments like these fly, especially when they are wrong,

The reason for my question was an email I got from ThinQ about having to set the codec to G729a and G711 and then only some of the carries on the ThinQ network support t38.
Dicko, do you need to send T38 calls to one of the carriers that support t38 or can you send it to the hole group and ThinQ knows it t38 and only uses ones that support it?
Can you tell us about your setup with them. Thanks

No , ThinQ absolutely honors your T38 request if you ask for it in the channel, I can’t speak for FreePBX/Asterisk directly but if t38 is enabled as a “passthrough” ,then you won’t have a problem, there will be even less problems if you bypass Asterisk/FreePBX completely for such calls from you modem devices and just use Hylafax. Hopefully that was constructive to at least for @posi211

I am also confused if not mistaken, This thread was surely originally “unassigned” but in “general help” where would I see “faxstation” ?

It said it in the subject but we split the post off to leave the original post with what the user asked about and let this thread continue on it’s own path.

Thank you Tony, you eventually took a far less threatening stance , and have opened the conversation to less “Tied” minds, I appreciate that, but still I fully expound t38modem for anyone who wants free and flawless faxing over voip. I believe I can direct interested parties there.

Just being a nerd , but to whosoever split this this thread, I advise you that my handle is actually dicko not Dicko, Linux has always been case sensitive, so us linux’ers expect that respect and differentiation , but here . . . ?

Not my stance still stands. If you continue to make BS claims or troll and hijack threads you will be banned.

totally understand, but please show the community what you perceive as BS

Andrew and I both have if you would stop and read things. Calling something you know nothing about snake oil as a example.

Same with hijacking a thread. This thread was on SIPStations fax service that you decided to hijack and attack us on so we had to split it off.

Actually I believe I know more about t38 than any of you guys do, been doing it for 5 years very successfully , but that is my inflated ego, so do please ignore anything I have to say :slight_smile: I will no longer try to help any one else here with this topic.

Ya and Sangoma wrote a whole t38 stack in our Vega Gateways and in our SBCs. SIPstation also supports fully t38 to any number you call in the US for 6 years now. One of the first carriers to provide t38 to any US number. So I think we know a few things about t38 ourselves. We serve up millions upon millions of pages a month of faxes.

As I suspect, you guys think you are way better than me ( maybe a little more expensive though :slight_smile: ) , so lets just end this thread please and disallow any more “conversation” :wink: (lock it)