When our users are on another call, the DIALSTATUS is returning “NOANSWER” instead of “BUSY”. Due to this, the “busy” voice mail greeting isn’t playing. I can’t figure out how to get it to return “BUSY” when on the phone. Any suggestions on settings, etc. I should look at to get this resolved?

We are on FreePBX Distro 150.17.17 and Asterisk 16.15.1

If you disable call waiting then the call should go to busy.

Thank you for your response. I tried disabling call waiting entirely on my extension and it did in that case play the “busy” VM greeting.

However, our users want to have call waiting enabled and have it play the “busy” greeting if they don’t pick up the call waiting and are on their phone. After further investigation, I found settings in FreePBX that are to do EXACTLY what I’m looking for, however, they aren’t working for us. Under advanced settings there is “Occupied Lines CW Busy”(CWINUSEBUSY) option that is set to “Yes”. I even tried turning that off and back on, and it’s still not triggering.

This feature was working when we were on FreePBX13 and chan_sip. We are now on FreePBX 15 and pjsip.

I also confirmed that for my extension under “Optional Destinations” and “Busy” is set to “Busy Voicemail If Enabled” and re-recorded my busy greeting. Still not working when call waiting is enabled.

If anyone has any suggestions on anything else to try to get this resolved would be much appreciated.

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