Dialplan: User dials 911, call is routed 10 digit number, all other outgoing calls sent normally

I’ve got my Asterisk/FreePBX server up and running. I have a Linksys PAP UA with one cordless phone on line 1 (not using any SIP phones).

When someone dials 911, I want the call to be sent to 1573xxxxxxx as I don’t have 911 service on my account.

Any 7 digit calls should be sent to 1573NNNNNNN. Lastly all 10 digit calls should be sent unmodified. I can handle the 2nd and 3rd parts but it’s the part about changing the called number that I’m stumped on.

Create a new outbound route.
In the dial rules, put your 10 digit number in the prepend field.
put 911 in the prefix field.
Leave the match field blank.
Put this as your 1st route.

I assume you’re calling your PSAP on their admin line, if this is the case, make sure they know what you are doing. They may even be able to tag your caller ID in their CAD to reflect your info.

Thanks Bill. That works well (I tested it by putting my own cell number in where the call center’s number goes).

The local sheriff operates the 911 center and they have a webpage specifically devoted to the 911 center operations. I contacted them last weekend and told them that I was setting up a VOIP system which wouldn’t have 911 capability. I asked if there was a single phone number I could put in my speed dial which would put me in touch with a 911 dispatcher.

He gave me a 10 digit (local) number and said I could use it for fire, medical or police emergencies.

My dialplan routes 911 calls to that number.

I spent some time as a 911 Dispatch center director, an continue to work very closely with the folks in Dispatch. So I was pretty sure they would be understanding and helpful. Just let them know what you are doing!


I thought that using the non-emergency number was illegal? I tried to peer with the Cuyahoga PSAP a few yesrs ago, was going to put a T1 in and a Cisco gateway and deliver a PRI to them. They could not do it

I guess it all depends on the philosophy of the 911 administration. I’ve actually heard of some that were adverse to testing with a new phone phone system. My thought has always been the mission of a PSAP was to take calls from the public and assign the appropriate emergency assets. If there is something that can be done to to enhance the ability to perform that mission you should do it.