Dialplan Generated for play-system-recording Without "Return"

Our FreePBX version is

We have an IVR where one of the Digit Entries is “Play System Recording.”

The dialplan generated in extensions_additional.conf has “Hangup” after playing that recording, even though the “Return” option in the GUI is set to “Yes” for that entry. Call is therefore hung-up instead of returning to the IVR after playing.

Instead of the currently generated
exten => 12,1,Answer
exten => 12,n,Playback(custom/parkinginfo)
exten => 12,n,Hangup

shouldn’t it be
exten => 12,1,Answer
exten => 12,n,Playback(custom/parkinginfo)
exten => 12,n,Return

The System Recordings version is

Thank you,

Read the description for “Return”. It only works on announcements and extensions. Return is only for gosub. It has no meaning unless it was a gosub.

Yep. That makes sense.

Should the “Return” option actually return to the IVR after playing a recording? It hangs-up instead which I worked-around with an announcement.

No. Again. It only works for extensions and announcements.

If you change this to “Play System Recording ANNOUNCEMENT” you will get the outcome you are looking for. Go to “Announcements” and add the system recording as an announcement.

Got it. Thank you.

Thank you for replying Dave. That’s exactly what I had ended-up doing.

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