Dialplan configuration

Hi, I´m new using FreePBX. I have install it in Raspbian in a Raspberry PI
I don´t know how I can modify the dialplan throught https://ip_raspberry/admin

Admin>Config Edit will let you edit config files in the browser. Not sure this will show up on yours, since its off distro.

Best to start with the goal you’re trying to achieve. There are many ways of doing ‘customization’.

I only want to do something like this:

exten => _x,1,Answer()
exten => _x,2,Set(MESSAGE(body)=http://…html)
exten => _x,3,MessageSend(sip:${EXTEN})
exten => _x,4,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},15,tT)
exten => _x,5,Hangup

I have seen I could use this code in extensions_custom.conf, but I am not sure if I could find a easier way instead of modify the “program code”
Sorry for my bad english

You would have to put that in extensions_custom.conf.

No, it isn´t appear

okey, perfect, thank you very much

You could try to install the Config Edit module from the GUI:


Otherwise you need SSH.

I can´t do it. I will try with extensions_custom.conf

I have try it, but it doesn´t work

Can you please elaborate what you tried, and what didn’t work?

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